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Point of Sale

We have developed a point of sale system different from every other POS in the business. It is made by book people, for book people.


  • - realtime inventory management
  • - product sales, inventory, financial aid reports
  • - customizable to YOUR school
  • - digital invoice management
  • - adoption management and shelf tag printing
  • - web based (used on any computer)
  • - limited hardware required (internal server)
  • - 24/7 technical support
  • - on-site training
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Did you ever wish all the books you needed would just show up two weeks before the start of school? is a revolutionary idea that allows you to let someone else do the ordering for you.


  • - submit your want/needs list
  • - select the arrival date
  • - wait for books to arrive

That's it! No worries, no hassles. You get your books when you need them. One supplier, one bill!
We offer on-sight textbook buyback as well!

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Total Bookstore

Do you or your institution ever feel like the textbook side of the bookstore is too much of a headache? offers total bookstore solutions. We are able to completely manage the textbook side of the business and everything in between. It's as simple as contracting with us to provide textbook services at your institution. We will provide the POS, the books, and the staff. Basically everything needed to operate the bookstore. It's turn-key and it's easy.

We offer textbook business consulting!

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What is My Bookstore In A Box? provides a unique blend of custom bookstore solutions! It’s as simple as your bookstore showing up in a box. All bookstore problems narrowed down to tailored solutions for each institution. partner benefits include:

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